Crazy Nutty was built on the foundation of my love for the nut business. This love for fresh, healthy, and delicious snacks go back to when I use to witness my father run his own small nuts and dried fruit business. I was probably as tall as the table on which my father used to display all of his gourmet cashews and pistachios at the local markets. From giving free samples to customers, to waiting for their satisfied expression, and to them explaining how much they loved that sample -- was honestly a priceless experience.

I was really blessed to figure out what I wanted to do in life at a really young age. As I grew up, year after year, I visited many different farms and gained first-hand understanding about harvesting, roasting, flavoring, packing, and distribution from my life’s superheroes. Almost every single farmer I’ve met has had a welcoming, honest, and hard-working personality – which I aim to always emphasize in our Crazy Nutty company culture.

It’s really humbling to see where Crazy Nutty is at now, and all the credit goes to the individuals who helped me build the company and believed in the same principled values as a farmer.

I am a lot older now, but if I have to give out samples to my customers -- just so I can see their satisfied expressions of pure joy -- I’ll run out of my office just to do that all again.

At Crazy Nutty, our goal is to bring the freshest, most premium quality, and nutritionally rich snacks to our beloved customers. I hope you can join me in this fun craziness!

Be Proud, Be Nutty.

Viraj Sehgal
Crazy Nutty